Reg - building Gnu Radio

Dear All,

I have downloaded and built the GNU radio source code release 3.0
(Minimal Build) on cygwin. The installation went without any error. But
when i tried to run the sample, i didnt get any error but
at the same time there was no dial tone sound at the output. So i
checked that the “WAVE” source was enabled in the audio control panel as
instructed, but still no output came.

Earlier when i was installing the wxpython module as stated in the page
and all the steps went well, but when i tried to run the as
indicated in the 13th step, I didnt get the output and no error was
reported. I feel these two issues have a link and hence i tried the
steps once again, but then got the same problem again…No Output and
No error… Where could the problem be??

Followed the steps as Mr. Don W. had instructed…these include

When you run, does it come back with a prompt or does it hang until you type Ctrl-C?
Yes, after running the program it immediately comes back to the
prompt and does not hang even for a moment.

Does your pc play sounds when you log on, log off, or click on a link?
Yes, The PC plays sounds normally and i dont see any problem

You might try using the “-r” option on to specify a playback sampling rate
Tried the manual sampling rate setting option but still the same
thing happened…no output.

Another thing you might try is using the Windows sound driver instead of OSS. One way to do this is to make a copy of that uses the Windows sound driver.
Created a copy of the that uses windows sound
driver. No positive result.

Checked out all the version check commands for python and everything
seems fine. I have atached the screenshot of the result the commands and
also what happens after the is run. This is the only issue
I have and is stopping me from making any progress with the project. So
any help in this regard would be accepted most greatfully. Thanks in

Shriram K V

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