Reflection on association / AssociationProxy

When the object referenced by the association exists, it’s a real
AssociationProxy, and all the methods work:

=> “Terminal”

=> “companies”

When the object is new:
=> NilClass
NoMethodError: You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating nil.aliased_table_name

It seems to be a real nil object, and not a AssociationProxy with the
“class” method removed.

The question is: How do I reflect on the association when the object is


You can’t. When you create a new Container object, it doesn’t have an
associated object yet, is completely empty, but you have a Nil object
on your Container company_id attribute. (I’m guessing the relationship
is being named pickup_at). That’s what you are getting.

The AssociationProxy returns the target object methods only if it

I can’t think of a way to reflect on an inexistent referenced object.

Jorge Corona.

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