Referring to mp3 files not in a database

Where I can place mp3 files that I would like to have a link to within
one of my views? The catch is that I do not want to create a database
for these files, I just want to refer to them within the application

send_file(path, options…)

Store the path in your database and put the file someplace accessible
by your application.

So there is no way to just create a plain link on one of the views to
an mp3 file without involving databases? I would prefer to just create
a link that would directly open up a quicktime window.

Just hard code the path, if you don’t want to use a database. Put it
in a variable, and use the variable in the send_file() call.

Wait a second. Are you saying this is simply a static hyperlink to a
static file on your web server? That’s called a “hyperlink.” You can
write one using an HTML <a href=">A link to a
file tag. You don’t need Rails for that. However, if you really
feel compelled to dynamically generate your static tag, you can use
ActionView’s tag or content_tag helpers I suppose.