Refactoring in Ruby rough cut

I thought some of you might be interested in this…

"Refactoring in Ruby is a refactoring workbook that gives you all the
realistic, hands-on practice you need to refactor Ruby code quickly
and effectively. You’ll discover how to recognize “code smells” that
signal opportunities for improvement, and then improve your program’s
design one small, safe step at a time.

You’ll learn when and how to refactor with both legacy code and during
new test-driven development, and walk through a real-world refactoring
in detail. The book concludes with several applications designed to
help you practice refactoring in realistic domains, plus a handy code
review check-list you’ll use constantly. Along the way, you’ll learn
powerful lessons about designing higher-quality Ruby software: lessons
that will help you experience the joy of writing great code–not just
occasionally, but constantly."