Reel-rack 0.0.1: Reel on Rails!

reel-rack is a simple Rack adapter for Reel, the “evented” web server
on Celluloid::IO:

Reel is based on an “evented” core similar to Goliath, but using
Celluloid’s core architectural components instead of EventMachine. Both
systems use Fibers to “smooth over” the sort of callbacks you’d
run into in frameworks like EventMachine or Node.js, however unlike the
em-synchrony system on which Goliath is based, Celluloid provides duck
types for Ruby’s socket classes, allowing “evented” operation of
Ruby network libraries.

Best of all, it can now run Rails!

In the past we’ve held off on suggesting using Rails on top of Reel,
primarily because the small stack size of Fibers on Ruby (MRI) 1.9 were
large enough to support the stack size of a Rails application and all
Rack middleware.

This has been addressed in MRI 2.0, which now supports large Fiber
that should be suitable for running Rails.

Give Reel on Rails a try and let us know how it goes!