Reel 0.5.0 "Bette" released: a Celluloid::IO-powered web server

Reel is an “evented” web server based on Celluloid::IO which also makes
easy to hand off connections to native threads. It’s the best of both
worlds: multithreaded blocking I/O for active, short-lived connections,
evented I/O for handling things like websockets.

Reel 0.5.0 brings with it some minor API changes to better handle HTTPS
support. If you were previously doing:

class MyServer < Reel::Server

You will need to update your code to do:

class MyServer < Reel::Server::HTTP

Reel also has a new Reel::Spy feature that lets you observe all incoming
and outgoing traffic.

Full changelog below:

  • Reel::Server(::SSL) renamed to Reel::Server::HTTP and
  • New Reel::Spy API for observing requests and responses from the server
  • Fixes to chunked encoding handling
  • Update websocket_parser gem to 0.1.6
  • Update to “The HTTP Gem” 0.6.0
  • Ensure response bodies are always closed
  • Support for passing a fixnum status to Connection#respond


Forgot to include an obligatory link :wink: