Reel 0.3.0: Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP server with Websockets, Streaming, and Rack

reel 0.3.0 is now up on the recently relaunched You can
about reel here:

There’s been a lot of work on Reel’s rack adapter in this release, so if
you’re trying to use Reel with Rack and had problems before, go ahead
give it another shot

In addition to that, the latest version of the webmachine-ruby framework
now includes a Reel adapter:

Full changelog:

  • Reel::App: Sinatra-like DSL for defining Reel apps using Octarine
  • Chunked upload support
  • Lots of additional work on the Rack adapter
  • Expose websockets through Rack as rack.websocket
  • Performance optimization work
  • Bugfix: Send CRLF after chunks
  • Bugfix: Increase TCP connection backlog to 1024