Reel 0.2.0: Celluloid::IO-powered web server now with Websockets

Reel is a fast Celluloid::IO-powered web server which supports both
non-blocking and blocking modes of operation:

This release brings three major new features:

  1. WebSockets: Reel now supports WebSockets in addition to standard HTTP
    connections. An example of using WebSockets is available here:

This example shows how to do a message fanout from a single actor to
several websockets connections. This shows how simple it is to use Reel
Celluloid to implement WebSockets publish/subscribe systems.

  1. Rack support: Reel now provides a Rack adapter, although the Rack API
    severely limits the kinds of end-to-end streaming Reel is capable of

  2. Octarine support: Reel now lets you write simple Sinatra-like
    applications using the Octarine gem:

    class MyApp
    include Reel::App

    get ‘/foobar’ { [200, {}, “hello world” }
    end‘’, 1234)