Reek version 1.2.7 released

I’ve just pushed reek 1.2.7 to gemcutter. Highlights in this release:

=== Major Changes

  • New option --yaml reports smells in YAML format
  • Now require ‘reek/rake/task’ to use the rake task
  • Now require ‘reek/spec’ to use the Rspec matchers
  • Developer API completely revised and documented

=== Minor Changes

  • New smell: Irresponsible Module (has no meaningful comment)
  • ControlCouple no longer checks arguments yielded to blocks
  • FeatureEnvy and UtilityFunction are now subclasses of a new smell:
  • NestedIterators now reports the nesting depth
  • Fixed problem checking for UtilityFunctions in Object
  • Improved detection of invalid config files
  • Invalid config files are now ignored
  • Non-existent files are now ignored

See for further details.