Redmine lost password broken and gr_firdes comment mismatch

Hello All,

Attempting to sign in using a username I made a long time ago I seem to
forgotten my password, I then attempted the password reset, followed all
steps and attempted to login, still says my username / password is wrong
though. Weird.

Anyway, I was attempting to raise an issue on a documentation error in
gr_firdes, in the .h file it has (notice that it states center of
band for the cuttoff freq):

  • \brief use “window method” to design a low-pass FIR filter
  • \p gain: overall gain of filter (typically 1.0)
  • \p sampling_freq: sampling freq (Hz)
  • \p cutoff_freq: center of transition band (Hz)
  • \p transition_width: width of transition band (Hz).
  • \p attenuation_dB required stopband attenuation
  • The normalized width of the transition
  • band and the required stop band
  •                        attenuation is what sets the number of 


  • required. Narrow --> more taps
  •                        More attenuatin --> more taps
  • \p window_type: What kind of window to use. Determines
  • maximum attenuation and passband ripple.
  • \p beta: parameter for Kaiser window

static std::vector
low_pass_2 (double gain,

Now in the .c file:

gr_firdes::low_pass_2(double gain,
double sampling_freq, // Hz
double cutoff_freq, // Hz BEGINNING of transition band
double transition_width, // Hz width of transition band
double attenuation_dB, // attenuation dB
win_type window_type,
double beta) // used only with Kaiser

Can’t say I know alot about filter design so I have no idea which way it
should be.

Thank you,