Redirecting to uploaded files directory


I’m running into a bit of a newb issue here. I’ve created an app with
attachment_fu which by default created a directory within public as
“public/#{tablename}”. But now when I try and browse to my default
action for that resource which is the same actionname as my tablename
I get redirected to a file listing of that public/tablename
directory… within my index view of that action I want to display the
file I’ve uploaded but I cannot figure out why it’s redirectiing to
the files directory attachment_fu has uploaded the file to. not sure
if this is a webserver (apache/passenger) or a rails routing issue…

hope that makes sense

can anyone please help?

thanks in advance


I meant to type same controller name as the default directory
attachment_fu creates; I get a server listing of files instead of the
index of that resource.

my bad.

any thoughts?