Redirecting from index page

Hi there,
I’ve just started using Radiant for a new site ( and like
a lot so far.

I’d like to add a rudimentary blog to the site using Radiant. I saw that
there’s the Archive page type, and my plan was to create a new child of
Home page using a different layout, and then add one child for each blog
post to that page.

Is there an easy way to redirect from the Home page to this blog archive
page? I couldn’t find anything other than the language redirect
extension. I
was going to write a really simple custom tag to do so, but perhaps I’m
missing something obvious.


Why not make the blog page your root page? Your other alternative is to
use the content of the blog page as the content of your homepage, like

<r:find url="/blog"><r:content /></r:find>

There are ways to make a page render a redirect, and I’m working on one
right now, but you might not want that for the root of your site, people
will get annoyed and you might get downgraded by search engines.


Inserting the content via <r:find /> is a good idea, I’ll try that.

The reason I don’t want the blog to be the root page is that I have
child pages of the root page, and I want to be able to easily add posts
just the blog page without worrying about filtering out all the other

Thanks for the reply,