Redirect loop fixed, I need a better rule format

Hello everyone,

I have a little problem on hand, related to redirect loop for a specific
server {
listen spdy ssl default_server;

location ^~ /alpha {
return 301$request_uri;

I would like to redirect URL’s of this format:[more of $request_uri]
To:[more of $request_uri]

I can access fine the… directory. When
GET is performed on, it tries to use the
REQUEST URI which is obviously wrong. I solved the issue this way:
location ^~ /alpha {
location /alpha {
return 301;
location ~ ^/alpha/(.+)$ {
return 301$1;

Is there a better (more compact) way to achieve the same results?
With the rules listed above, I tell Nginx to redirect /alpha or /alpha/
If the $request_uri contains something after /alpha, I grab the part of
$request_uri after /alpha and push it to /.

Thank you for helping me make this configuration part better.

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