Redhead 0.0.1 -- String header metadata

Redhead 0.0.1 is the first release of a library to work with
HTTP-style headers for metadata on strings.

It was originally created from noticing that minimalist blogging
systems like the Timeless Repo and Wheat stick metadata into basic

It’s mostly quite simple, but to accommodate possible applications and
deviations from conventional header formats, there’s some complexity
added which took a bit of time to think about. Anyhow, there’s a bunch
of tests written for it.

It currently doesn’t have anything written to sensibly handle multiple
headers with the same name. There are no doubt other holes and
improvements to the API.

Any feedback or (helpful) criticism about it is welcome.

GitHub: GitHub - aprescott/redhead: String header metadata.
RubyGems: redhead | | your community gem host – gem install redhead