RedCloth - unbeautifying quotes


My question pertains to a popular Ruby library - RedCloth (translator
for Textile and Markdown to HTML). I hope this list is the proper
place to ask the question, if not please accept my apologies and point
me to the correct address.

Well, I’m using RedCloth extensively to process the posts in my blog.
I write them in a text file with Textile markup, and then run the
‘redcloth’ command line tool to generate HTML.

I have a problem when writing postings with code. I enclose code in

 tags, and don't want RedCloth to process it. However, it does,
and most annoyingly turns all my single quotes ' into "pretty" slanted
quotes, which renders the code impossible to copy-paste and run.

Any way to circumvent this trouble without digging in the guts of
RedCloth ?

Thanks in advance,

Eli B. wrote:

I would suggest looking into SuperRedCloth instead
( It is in
development and so still has quirks, but in my opinion is much better
than the old RedCloth. I’m not sure how commandline processing works
with it, however.