I’m trying to do a simple submission using the redbox plugin. However,
the fields for the form I want to display appear properly in the
center of the page, the background box created by redbox (with the
spinner gif) does not. It always appears at the top center. This isn;t
a scrolling issue because the page isn;t long enough to scroll. Also,
I have the proper js and css files being called and in the right
locations. Is anyone familiar enough with redbox to tell me why my
contents appear in the proper location, but the pseudo-modla dialog
box of redbox does not, appearing at the top center? Thanks, Janna B.

<%= link_to_redbox((image_tag “/images/lockclosed.gif”),“redbox”) %>

 <div id="redbox" style="display: none">
<% form_for :associates, :html => {:name => 'lockform'} do |f| %> <%= f.label :username, "username: " %> <%= f.text_field :username %>
<%= f.label :password, "password: " %> <%= f.password_field :password%>
<%= f.submit "Submit" , :class=>'button' %> <% end %> Close

Solved my own problem…had an outdated version of the plugin.
Posting here in case someone hits this in the future via a search on a
similasr problem. Got the latest version of the plugin by:


Hi janna,

I am using thickbox for changing user’s password.
but what happens,
after posting form, when error occurs ( i.e. password n confirmation
mismatch )
response does’t come back to thickbox.
it goes to normal html page.
do you have any idea on this ??

Sandip R~

No, sorry…I’m not even to that point yet. I am using Authlogic and I
am not even sure how to compare username/password to validate it,
without changing the current user.