Redbox question

I have built, with the massive help of a friend, a website to showcase
my wife’s jewelry. I would like to add the redbox for when people
click on a full size image. I like that over a new windows, or
changing the current window.
Anyhow, I am still a novice, if I can call myself that. What is newer
that novice, noob I guess.
I am reading Craig Ambros’ site, and it tells how to use it, but I am
not sure what it being referred to sometimes. I ran the installation.
For setup, it says to include the javascript and css files into your
layout. You’ll also need to include the default rails javascript
My question is where do these need to be. It has a line that looks
like it can be copied and pasted, but where? What file(s)?
I should add that I am new to any major programming. I did do a lot of
C programming on a MUD years and years ago. Please, be gentle with my
newbish questions. I know you would hate to see a grown man cry.

Ok, I am an idiot, and deserve to made to cry. I did find where to
include the information. As with many things so far, I stopped working
on it, moved to something else entirely (working on PC hardware) and
it came to me. Now I just need to get the link_to_redbox to function.
I will have a look at that later.