Redbox implementation not showing anything

Hi all,

Im trying to implement redbox for submitting some small forms. Here’s
the code im using.

#redbox link
<%= link_to_remote_redbox ‘Change Password’, :url => {:controller
=> :users, :action => :change_password, :id =>}, :method
=> :get %>

#users controller

def change_password
@user = User.find(params[:id])
respond_to do |format|
format.js {render :layout => “modal”}
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

#modal layout

Invoicing <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> <%= javascript_include_tag "redbox"%>
<%= yield %>


<% form_for :user, :url => changed_password_user_path(@user), :html => {:method => 'put'} do |f| %>
Old : <%= f.password_field :old_password, :size => 15 %>
New : <%= f.password_field :password, :size => 15 %>
Confirm : <%= f. password_field :confirm_password, :size => 15 %>

<%= f.submit "Change" %>

<% end %> <%= link_to_close_redbox "Cancel" %>

Now when i click the link, the RedBox Overlay is shown but the form
does not turn up. Only the overlay is shown. If i check the dev log,
it says the action has been successfully called and the rendering has
been done.
What am i doing wrong here? Any ideas?
My best guess is that the JS is screwing up things somewhere. Or, I
could be doing something basically very wrong… :smiley:

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