Redbox implementation not showing anything

Hi all,

Im trying to implement redbox for submitting some small forms. Here’s
the code im using.

#redbox link
<%= link_to_remote_redbox ‘Change Password’, :url => {:controller
=> :users, :action => :change_password, :id =>}, :method
=> :get %>

#users controller

def change_password
@user = User.find(params[:id])
respond_to do |format|
format.js {render :layout => “modal”}
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

#modal layout

Invoicing <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> <%= javascript_include_tag "redbox"%>
<%= yield %>


<% form_for :user, :url => changed_password_user_path(@user), :html => {:method => 'put'} do |f| %>
Old : <%= f.password_field :old_password, :size => 15 %>
New : <%= f.password_field :password, :size => 15 %>
Confirm : <%= f. password_field :confirm_password, :size => 15 %>

<%= f.submit "Change" %>

<% end %> <%= link_to_close_redbox "Cancel" %>

Now when i click the link, the RedBox Overlay is shown but the form
does not turn up. Only the overlay is shown. If i check the dev log,
it says the action has been successfully called and the rendering has
been done.
What am i doing wrong here? Any ideas?
My best guess is that the JS is screwing up things somewhere. Or, I
could be doing something basically very wrong… :smiley:

link_to_redbox works though.

#link_to_redbox link

#in the view with the above link

watsup? <%= link_to_close_redbox "Cancel" %>

This shows a white box in the center, slightly above center. The
spinner.gif does not get hidden even after “watsup?” is rendered. and
“watsup?” is rendered at the very bottom of the white box and a little
outside it too.

When I use link_to_remote_redbox to render the form, in FF, I tried
selecting an arbitrary part of the result (which is just the black
transparent RB_overlay) and viewing source.
that shows the elements of the form and their full details but whats
selected is only the source for the RB_overlay div. So im guessing the
form is rendered but im not able to see it for some reason.
Another interesting thing is that when i click on “View source” for
that arbitrary selection as described above, Firebug throws an error
at the element.hide() function source code. The error message itself
is VERY long and highly truncated so im not pasting it here but will
try it if anyone thinks itll help. Firebug throws this error when i
click on “View source”.
Could this element.hide() error and the spinner not hiding after
rendering “watsup?” have some connection?

getting a bit desperate here… all other options for a modal form seem
more complicated so I want to make sure im not making a silly mistake
before I jump into trying the other solutions.

I just had to scroll up to see the form because it was not being
rendered at the center.

im open to getting kicked now. free kicks for all!

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