Recurring Billing API Integration w/ SAAS provide, i.e. Cheddargetter

Happy Spring All
I need to implement a recurring billing solution w/ API of
Cheddargetter. As a ruby nuby, I haven’t do any API integration and
payment solution before. I watched railscasts about Paypal and active
merchant (all in rails 2), however still a bit over my head in terms
of what to do in MVC in rails 3.

If anyone implemented such API integration w/ cheddargetter, chargify,
spreedly, recurly or braintree, can you kindly outline tips about what
to do in MVC or your sample code? Your help is greatly appreciated.


I believe this gem may be your best bet:

The documentation is better on the developer’s github site:


Happy Thursday Quirk,
Many thanks for your kind help. The doc from the developer is very
helpful and exactly what I need.