Recording simultaneously multiple FM station with Gnuradio


I am newbie in this forum. I would like to know if it is possible to
record simultaneously many FM stations with single SDR tuners or many
tuners. Can the ezcap USB 2.0 DVB-T/DAB/FM dongle can be used for this
If yes how many channels, it can record simultaneously.Any suggestion is

On 11/04/2012 09:59 AM, Olivier Austina wrote:


Well, the practical bandwidth limitation on the RTL is 2.4Msps.

At 200kHz channel spacing that’s 12 stations.

Your limitation will be whether you have enough CPU cycles to demodulate
all of those at once. The Dongle doesn’t “know” anything about
demodulation, and Gnu Radio places no limit on how many demodulators
you can be running in parallel, but from a practical perspective,
you’ll be limited by CPU and memory bandwidth.

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