Record Identification with :has_one

I’m having an issue with the record identification. If I have a :has_one
resource relationship mapped in routes.rb I can properly reference that
in form_for with:

for example: = 2, = 1

form_for ( [:user, @user.profile])

and it will create the proper route:

and use for the :user_id

however if I try the same convention in link_to:
link_to “link” [:user, @user.profile]

the format of the URL is different:

It will use for the :user_id instead. Any thoughts?

I am mapping the resource this way:

map.resources :users, :has_one => :profile

Any thoughts?

I actually just noticed that the form_for is doing the same thing as the
link_to… this seems like an oversight where the :has_one resource
relationships weren’t taken into consideration… or maybe I’m doing
something wrong. Any pointers?

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