Recommended restful application examples?


I’m relatively new to rails. I’ve read some books, but still have 't
done much actual rails programming. So at this point I feel like I can
pretty much make rails do what I want, but most of the time I’m not
really sure if I’m doing things the “correct” way or not.

In particular I’d like to make my applications restful, and do it right.
I know know how to most of the basic restful infrastructure, resources,
nested resources, polymorphic resources, etc, but I’m a little unsure of
the right way to put it all together into a real app that doesn’t look
like it was generated from scaffold_resource.

So I’m looking for “correct” restful application examples that I can
learn from. So far I’ve found:

Restolog -
Beast -

Both of which I’ve found quite useful. But I’m sure I’ve missed some
other good examples? Please let me know what the good examples to study
are. Thanks.



You may be interested in this screencast:


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like it was generated from scaffold_resource.


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Thanks. I did buy the peepcode screencast and found it quite useful. Now
I’m just trying to get as many full rails apps that do things in a
restful way that I can read through and learn from. By the way here’s
one more that I just came across:

Restful-Product-Tracker -

Thanks again.