Recommended Daughter card for full duplex (WBX or RFX)


I’ve been working with a couple of USRP2s and XCVR2450s with the current
UHD code but I’m looking to make my code work in full duplex which I
understand does not work with the XCVR2450 daughter cards. From the UHD
daughterboard card documentation
( it seems that
either the WBX boards or the RFX boards can do full duplex. As either of
them covers the frequency range I’m interested in I was curious if
anyone had suggestions as to which is better for duplex and if anyone
has any experience with successfully getting duplex working. Can you
just initialize both the TX and RX in the same python script?

Alternatively, I can use any frequency in the 50-80MHz range. Is it
possible to use both a basic and a basic RX card in the same USRP2 to do

Thanks in advance,

James Streitman
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
[email protected]