Recommendations for a Ruby Polling/Survey/Voting type plugin?

I would like to add a Survey to my web application. Basically, I have
10 objects … imagine Restaurants, and I would like to ask the same
10 questions about each object … for instance rate the food,
service, atmosphere, etc. Is there a good Ruby plugin that anyone has
used that could handle this? I’ve checked out the acts_as_rateable
plugin, but that would only work for rating my high level object, ie:
a Restaurant. Running a search on the web yields the “Civic Duty”
plugin, but there is no demo, and I’m not sure it will work for what I
want to do.

Has anyone implemented the Civic Duty plugin, and maybe could point me
to a demo?

Can anyone recommend a different Polling/Survery type of plugin I
could check out?

Thanks in advance!

wrt surveys (vs polling)
If you have full control of the survey questions, then it can simply
be another model associated with the object

But if you are looking for a dynamic database schema (eg let users
build the survey questions on the fly), to my knowledge, everyone I’ve
talked to with this requirement have built their own (including