Recommendation on good framework to manage help content

Our application has a bunch of help content(user guides) that is
scattered and messy. Some is in PDFs, some is written directly in views,
some is in table columns, etc.

I’m trying to find a good way to organize and manage it all from within
the app, and wanted to ask the community what solutions are already out

My goal would be to accomplish the following:

  • An easy way for editors to CRUD help content for each page of the app
    by browsing to that page and using and ‘edit help’ button.
  • An easy way to organize all these pages into a cohesive and
    comprehensive help document for the entire site. So ideally the help
    content for each page would fit into a structure of chapters and
    sub-chapters, and the entire document could be printed as a guide.
  • A way to manage tooltips (javascript popups) within this larger help
    context. So the help editor would also provide for some id reference
    that i can then pull for tooltip content for a certain widget.