Recieve email from gmail using POP3

can someone help me out with this folder… im stuck and i cant trouble
shoot where is the error

thx alot~~~

its working in Windows , not unix


First off it’s only been 2-3 hours since your original message.
Secondly I’d be surprised if you ever get a reply.
Uploading your project and saying “it doesn’t work” isn’t the best way
to get people to give you some of their time. Describe what you’re
doing, what’s going wrong, what you’ve tried etc…


oh alright, im tryin to retrieve email from gmail, by using ruby, using


i get lots of weird error like NameError in EmailController,
uninitialized constant actionmailer, and lots more which i dont know how
to locate

so i dont really know if my code is correct…

im not really farmiliar with ruby and the scripting, so hope someone can
help me out… thx…

sorry for the inconvinient

oh, and i tried to search examples in google and books, and most
examples are on unix platform

and theres other on windows, but quite condusing, cause some of them are
jus a few lines of coding, but some are very long
these r the pages that i refere to…

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