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I just think this is worthy of record:

(22:05:19) headius__ left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(22:05:37) slyphon: headius_: running from the new oracle overlords?
(22:05:54) nicksieger: you can’t hide
(22:06:32) david_koontz: they have enterprise databases to track your
every move, not that wimpy mysql stuff you’re used to
(22:08:04) serabe: david_koontz: isn’t oracle the one whose database can
return the state of a register in every moment?
(22:08:19) david_koontz: ever, since the dawn of time
(22:08:34) xardion: they not only tracks YOUR every move, but they track
every move of your every MOVE.
(22:08:52) david_koontz: yeah, the second derivative of your every move
(22:08:53) xardion: ad infinitum
(22:09:00) serabe: zenon’s paradox?


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