Recent activemerchant examples needed or perhaps another solution


I have a reeally big problem with understanding how to use
ActiveMerchant, Perhaps someone would point me to a different solution
to my problem.

I need to build a little web shop which will be based in the UK, and
my customer wants to use PayPal Express Checkout, because there’s no
monthly fee.

So far I had only problems with ActiveMerchant examples because:

  1. they are way too old, both ActiveMerchant and Rails have changed a
    lot over time.
  2. Examples are US centric , which doesn’t always work with british
  3. Recent ActiveMerchant doesn’t seem to support UK Express checkout

I would be very grateful if somebody has shown me how to use
ActiveMerchant with british PayPal Express checkout, or alternatively
shown me how to use it with another plugin. I’m using rails 2.3.5 for
this project.

I have found UK specific PayPal documentation, and I’m back on track,
hopefully today or tomorrow I will be able to show my customer a
working prototype. As it turned out I can buid custom shopping cart in
Rails and pass to Paypal total amount and other info in html
variables. So the is no need to create static button for each product.