Receiving from a GSM Base Station


Hi all,

Has anyone some code to read the logical channels from a GSM base
Particularly, I am interested in reading the AGCH and PCH channels.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Carlos


Hi all,

I am actually looking for something similar, but it’s for the iDEN
For now, I am particularly interested in the PCCH, DCCH and TCCH.

We might be able to cross-utilize the GSM functional blocks with the
system and vice versa.
For the iDEN, we are using a M16-QAM demod scheme at 800 and 900MHz

Jose, what freqs are you using?


Don G.
RF Design Engineer

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Hi Gabriel,

I would like to read the AGCH and PCH channels from a GSM Base Station.
I am interested in GSM Down-Link (Primary Band [935-960]Mhz and DCS

Is there any code?

Thanks in advance.

Jose Carlos

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