Receiving email in production

Question: Is there a way to make rails show the same information about
received emails in production environment as in development?

I’m using mailer fetcher daemon to get email into my app, everything
works fine in development environment on my local machine, i get my
mail, everything shows up as it should in my log.

When I use the same connection settings in my production environment on
my local machine, i still get emails but nothing shows up in my log. (my
production and development both connect to a mosso server running
postfix). Not a problem because it works but…

When I deploy the same code and connect to the same postfix server and
run it under production mode on my website, i don’t get email and
nothing shows up in my log.

Does anyone know how i can enable my log, or any guesses why I can run
the exact same code on the exact same environment only deployed to a
server, and it won’t work even though i receive no errors ?