Receiving and displaying video

Hi everyone:

I am trying to implement a USRP testbed, where a transmitter sends video
and the receiver displays it in real-time. I’ve been playing around with
benchmark tx/rx and am now
able to transmit files between the USRPs (I use USRP2s and XCVR2450s).

The question is what would be the best way to implement video playback
at the

My initial idea was to use gr-video-sdl sink, as it is done in the, but
I can’t get any of the standard video formats to play correctly (by
using the “-i videofile” option).
Can anyone comment on what video format is expected there? Is there
anyway I can
get uncompressed video, for instance in AVI or MOV format to play there?

Another idea came up while browsing the mailing list: use to
create an
IP tunnel at the tx/rx and then use VLC to stream video over a private
IP network. While I am
able to set up the IP tunnel and perform ping, I still haven’t figured
out how to
make VLC work under this setting.

If anyone can share some insight on this problem, that would be greatly