Receiving a sinusoidal with two USRP N200 connected by MIMO cable

Hi all! I would need some help with the development of my project. I am
trying to do some MIMO development. First step was to transmit a single
sinusoid by means of an USRP N200. The receiver part consist of two USRP
receivers connected by MIMO cable (synchronized).


IPv4 address (addr0):

IPv4 address (addr1):

Both connected to interface eth1 (

After introducing the command, , in the console the output is:

– UHD Device 0

Device Address:
type: usrp2
serial: E9R14UCUN

– UHD Device 1

Device Address:
type: usrp2
serial: ECR14U7UN

Devices are apparently connected.
The flow graph is in the attached files, receiver.png:


Another USRP from a different computer is transmitting a sinusoidal.

The flow graph is in the attached files, transmitter.png:

In the receiver part it should appear two sinusoids in the screen, but
unfortunately it does not work. Only the USRP which is not connected to
the ethernet cable is receiving the signal, at a very low level though.
I tried different frequencies, different sample rates, different USRP
just in case some of them were not working, with no success. Any tip or
help is welcome.

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