reCAPTCHA link_to_remote issues

when i try to render a partial containing <%= recaptcha_tags %> using
link_to_remote on my website, something goes haywire and the captcha
never shows up. When i render the partial not using an ajax call, it
works great. But what’s the point of having a super simple to use
capatcha plugin, if you can’t render it in an ajax form??? If anyone has
experince with this or knows how to fix the problem, let me know.


  1. get the latest version of recaptcha plugin from
    GitHub - ambethia/recaptcha: ReCaptcha helpers for ruby apps (or just grab
  2. include ‘’ javascript
    file in your template
  3. use it like this <%= recaptcha_tags :ajax => true → in your partials

I know it’s quick and very dirty buts works for me.