Recaptcha accepting one word out of two

Hi ,

I am a bit confused about how recaptcha works. I have implemented it
using ROR.

Sometimes even if i specify only one word out of two, it returns true
while sometimes it fails.

I am really confused and not able to understand the behaviour of

Please help me.


Amit Jain

The TL;DR is that recaptcha uses one word that it knows as the solution
the second is one that recaptcha is determining the answer for.
is currently trying to turn print archives of newspapers into normal
text. So it takes unknown words and has users try to solve it. It then
stores the results and starts assigning confidence values to the unknown
words. So if you get a answer with a relatively high level of
it’ll let you through. If you get a brand spanking new word, it’ll let
type just about anything.

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