Rebecca: Ruby on Rails Server Launcher

Hey everyone,

I’m putting together a GUI application to simplify launching and
managing ruby on rails web servers. I’m making this freeware so anyone
can download and take advantage of it. It is still extremely young and
extremely simplistic. But I’m looking for it to become much more. I’m
just building this in my spare time right now so I’ll try and build new
features in as quickly as I can. Go ahead and check it out at I’m really just building this to
make managing your rails server a lot easier than dealing with the
command line all of the time. Go ahead and download it and give it a
try. I’m really looking to get as much feedback as possible. I want to
make this as helpful a tool as possible! I’ve only got versions for
linux and mac right now. I’ll hopefully be building a Windows version
down the road. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Hey everyone, I’ve posted Rebecca version .2. This version now supports
being able to manager multiple Rails servers at once. I’ve also posted a
forum to talk about the application for feedback and support. Its worth
checking out, its definitely growin. :slight_smile: