Really Complex Forums

Following this example of virtual attributes I’d like to go down another

In other words create a form that lets a user create a project which has
multiple tasks (tasks have names) which in tern have multiple steps
(with their own attributes)

What does that look like?




That’s sounding complex. You might consider using “fields_for” to try
and get to the nesting without such a deep array stack. Look at the
API docs for “fields_for” to get an idea how you might do this.

Ultimately, what I’d do is some trial and error with a debugger in the
action so I could inspect the params hash.


P.S. It looks right, though. Ultimately, you’d end up with a params
hash that would have something like params[:project] => { :task =>
{ :steps => [1,2,3] } } so maybe project[task][steps][] is exactly
what you need.

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