Realising a rights management


this is my first post, so hello folks! :slight_smile: I am thinking about a rights
management for my ruby on rails application. As usual, there will be
roles, groups, allowed actions, etc. At the moment, I try to imagine,
how this thing should work in detail. If there’s an action named
“create comment” for example, i could do following (some pseudo-code):

  1. if RightsController.checkAction(CREATE_COMMENT) then (…)
  2. if RightController.checkAction() then (…)

Whereby the method in example no. 2 looks in the stack to find out the
calling method and the appropriate class to check whether the action
is allowed.

Maybe I can connect this to some before filter, I am relatively new to
ror, so I don’t know exactly, if that’s possible.

Besides this internal check, I plan to mask out all gui elements which
could cause actions not allowed. So it’s for double-checking.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions about this topic.

Thank you alot!

As I understand you are talking about permissions, user permissions.
It seams logic to me to have a UserPremission model to deal with it.
It could have a list of action it is permit to perform and a way to
check public actions.

You can look at solution of this issue in their
application source.
You can learn a lot from the others.