Real time airplane data

I am a former Navy Test pilot, ham, and experimental airplane
enthusiast. We found GNUradio last year as part of a course I teach on
airborne software and Avionics. We have access to packet streams, RS-232
and ARINC-429 in two experimental airplanes. The data includes all the
parameters sent to Electronic Flight Info Systems (EFIS) displays.

Examples are:
flight instruments display for air data and attitude/heading,
GPS moving map with terrain, obstructions, weather, and traffic and
engine and system monitoring.

I believe we could port these real time streams into GNUradio companion.
Many ideas are exiting when you consider linking dynamic airplane data
to GNUradio. Certainly all aviaonics functions could be reproduced. It
might make a very interesting forum at EAA Airventure at Oshkosh in
Bill Miller

Hi Bill,

I hope you’re doing well since your visit to the office. I’ve recently
done some development on similar lines to demonstrate a multi-function
transceiver (COM/NAV, ILS, GPS, ADS-B, etc.). I originally had the idea
integrate such a device, probably based on an embedded-series USRP, in a
MK IV I am building. However,
the Cozy is on hold since I don’t have any space to build here in
Valley. So, I’ve been falling back to some experiments in tin cans with
Balint S…

I was actually thinking about submitting a proposal to Air Venture
I’d be interested in collaborating with you.

Of course, Nick F. is also a guru of ADS-B reception.