Reading xml files & i18n

Could anyone read xml files from radiant pages?

i installed backdoor extension and hpricot but still couldnt achive to
i want

i want to read xml files that is located on another server

is there any extension for that?

secondly, is there any attempt or chance to translate radiant to another
language? (in my case, to turkish)

U can have a hack to the remote server using a net/http request and the
achieve the rest using REXML…This should work acutally …


with the help of backdoor?

i want to deploy this script to a page:

but constantly gives errors

firstly i cant use

include REXML

no probs i added it to right place

vakitler =‘vakit.xml’)).root.to_a[bugun].text.split(/\t/)

but i wouldnt work this way tho…

but that’d work: vakitler =‘vakit.xml’))

i miss something? how to run a ruby script from a page w/o backdoor

U can create a tag like the standard tags…
I mean create a radiant customized tag to handle the ruby script…


where to put custom tags?

creating and extension or put them on lib/ dir?

All you need to do is to create an extension.Then create a file and
write a
tag which you can use it globally…


No I dont think we need to use backdoor extension…
Its not mandatory…
U can use net/http and send/receive the request in xml format.


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