Readback Registers


actually I want to use a readback registers. But i could not find any
example to use it.

I looked into the serial_io.v and the setting_reg.v file. but could
not make out how exactly it could be used.

the serial_io module has a input [31:0] readback. Can that be the
output wires ‘out’ of the setting_reg module with setting the addr as
the Reg number.

for eg.

setting_reg #(`FR_USER_1) read_back(.clock(clk),
.out(read_back));// this read_back is connectedt o read_back_0 of
serial_io module

Please let me know,
thanks in advance,


In the main module, usrp_std.v you can see where we instantiate
serial_io. There are 4 inputs on that which are the readback registers.
They are distinct from the setting registers. If you want to readback a
setting register, just store the set value in software instead.


On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 00:39 -0400, amit malani wrote:

the Reg number.

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