<r:children:each> should not return virtual?

If I use:


I was thinking that it should not include FileNotFound etc… type pages.
(Pages that return true for “virtual?”)

Does this make sense to everyone else? I’ll file a ticket with a fix,
but I just wanted to check.

Can you think of a use-case where you would want “virtual” pages listed
along with the normal ones?

So I figured out that if my page type includes
ArchiveIndexTagsAndMethods, then it won’t show in the list generated by

but I still can’t figure out why…

anybody know?

and it’s because virtual is a column on the page…

And so after adding

def virtual?

to my page type, I had to re-edit it to save this to the database.

You can all ignore my pre-mature ramblings


There’s a bug that I was working on the other day where virtual pages
are not saved as such the first time. The workaround is to load the
page and save it again. You can do that until the bugfix comes in.