I’m currently working on improving yaml implementation. It will be
better in next build.
One problem you can see in your test is that current implementation
doesn’t support loading symbols. That’s because our implementation is a
port of early version of JvYAML, which in turn was based on RbYAML,
which in turn was based on PyYAML and Python doesn’t have symbols.

I’m working on a fix.–

From: “Ivan Porto C.” [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:34 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Ironruby-core] YAML


Is yaml supposed to be working atm because when I try it, it definitely
does some weird things. When I run the tests there is one test that
fails the yamlorg_refcard.yml.

And this is my test.

require ‘yaml’
=> true
$t = {:one => “one val”, :two => { :nested_first => “nested val” } }
=> {:one=>“one val”, :two=>{:nested_first=>“nested val”}}
$y = YAML::dump $t
=> “\n— !ruby/object:Hash\n!ruby/object:Symbol :one:
!ruby/object:String one val\n!ruby/object:Symbol :two: !ruby/obje
ct:Hash\n !ruby/object:Symbol :nested_first: !ruby/object:String nested
$r = YAML::load $y
=> #Ruby::StandardLibrary::Yaml::PrivateType:0x000005c
$r == $t
=> false
:0:in Initialize': undefined local variable or method []’ for
by::StandardLibrary::Yaml::PrivateType (NoMethodError)