Re: Working with the OFDM code without USRPs

I got the reason of the problem: that was because of the slightly
different software version of the gnuradio that I had at each side.
After I matched the software versions, it worked correctly almost as
About the problem, I got that for free by making the below substitutions
in the flowgraph.

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On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 7:06 AM, Hoo-chang Shin [email protected]

  • from the ‘’ saved the output to the ‘gr.file_sink’, instead of giving it to ‘usrp.sink_c’
  • from the ‘’ read from the file with ‘gr.file_source’, instead of receiving it from the ‘usrp_source_c’.

You need to ensure that the data written to the file is at the same
sampling rate as is expected by the other program. I’m not sure if
you get this for free by making the above substitutions in the

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