Re: win32 11.1-rc2 ferret gem available?

Thanks for the quick response, Dave. I appreciate it – it saved us
tons of time with some potential debugging/environment setups. I’ll let
anyone know if we run into any errors while testing the new win32 gem
upon its release as well.


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I am developing a rails application in a test environment on Windows XP

and recently upgraded to InstantRails 1.5. During the upgrade process, I
went to install the latest ferret gem and realized that the latest gem
compiled for Windows was 10.9. We upgraded our production environment
(Ubuntu) to 11.1-rc2 successfully, but wanted to find out if we were going
to run into any problems conducting our testing with 10.9 and deploying into
the 11.1-rc2 production environment. If we were, is there anyone that has
compiled a win32 binary of the 11.1-rc2 gem?

Sorry, I didn’t really fully answer your question. There are no major
API changes between the two versions you are using so if your app is
working with 0.10.9 then it should work with 0.11.2. There are however
differences in the index file format so you can’t copy the index
across and 0.10.9 has a lot more bugs than 0.11.2. But for the short
term you should be fine.

Dave Balmain

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