Re: Why Ruby?

There are also some nice specials like blocks and

Those aren’t specials; they’re core language features.

Specials = Feature which are not part of most OO programming languages.

Depends on the implementation. MRI is slow (I wouldn’t say “terribly”
slow). Ruby EE and YARV are faster. JRuby is probably faster yet. All
are plenty fast enough for most general-purpose applications.
For really expensive algorithms it is terribly slow, sometimes you need
C arrays or STL…
Any experiences with Rubinius?

Java, but I’ll use it over C++ any day. And of course the JVM is
fabulous when coupled with a decent language like JRuby.

Why is Java inconsistent?
-no compatibility between built-in and complex types (missing operator
overloading, complex datatype=dynamic memory…)
-inconsistent containers in stdlib (compare the operations of a built-in
array, a List and a Map)
-Not as much OOP as in Ruby
Of course C++ is also inconsistent, it is not so OOPish, but in my
opinion it
is easier to live with C++'s inconsistence, it is sometimes ugly, but it
is at
least no problem to change container-types or to switch between
built-ins and
complex types.

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