Re: Where can I find an Hpricot gem?

On Nov 22, 9:27 am, “Just Another Victim of the Ambient M.”
[email protected] wrote:

I tried to install the new mechanize gem package but it failed saying I

needed Hpricot. So, I’m trying to find a gem package for that but it
doesn’t appear to exist. The Hpricot website says that I can get it from
RubyForge but RubyForge doesn’t have it so now I’m lost and no amount of
googling is helping me.
Can anyone point me to where I can find the latest Hpricot gem?
Thank you…

_why’s installation instructions are here:

or go straight for

gem install hpricot --source

I did gem query -n hpricot -r and received the following response

c:\ruby>gem query -n hpricot -r

Need to update 46 gems from


hpricot (0.4)
a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library

ruby 1.8.5 on Windows

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