Re: what's the different between ( [@weather]) and (@weather)?


Weather.find(1) returns an object: @weather
Weather.find(:all) returns an array of objects : [@weather]

look at the api of ActiveRecordBase.


You have not specified a parameter for the find method here, so you
expect, that
the find methods you are using, will all return an array of objects.

In the spec you can also define the expected parameters:

Weather.stub!(:find).with(:all,* :order* =>

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Betreff: [rspec-users] what’s the different between ([@weather]) and

before do
@weather = mock_model(Weather)

I saw this code on peepcode, but I’m a little confused the
mostly, we just and_return(@weather), don’t we? so, what is the meaning
of and_return([@weather]) ?

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