Re: What does access code in do?


after you have changed the ‘’ in the gnuradio folder, you

…/make install

it again to see the change.

Hoo Chang.

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I was trying to send and receive packets with the programs
benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx. I have two USRP connected to two
computers. My current understanding is, that access code is for
synchronization. I changed the default access code completely on the
transmitter side from the file,, whereas I didn’t change
default access code on receiver side. However, I am still able to
the packets sent by the transmitter correctly on the receiving side! So
questions are-

  1. Why is nothing affected when the access code is not the same on
    transmitting and receiving side?
  2. Since the synchronization was not affected when I changed the access
    code, how exactly is synchronization happening in and

Thank you.


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