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I found about 12 hits for the same file installed in different
directories and sub-directories; thus it is very difficult to decide
which one to update manually. This leads to the following:

1- Is there any available optomized structure for all directories of
ruby and its associated tools after installation? If yes please share
with us.
2- Is there any available code to restructure the existing
directories and subdirectories for drive C written in ruby? Of course
this requires several tasks such as cleaning the registry automatically
in order to optimize ruby and all associated kits installations.


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On Jun 29, 2007, at 1:40 PM, Gilbert R. wrote:

i wanted to install the new version immediately,

Regards, Gilbert

Jamis B. may have the solution on his recent post about Capistrano

zis.finish if zis
That seems to do the trick for me; let me know if it doesn’t work
for you.
Might be worth a try. (Of course, you could just get a Mac, too :wink:


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